Posted by  GeoffBrown —April 18, 2012
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Around Aireys Inlet, the sight of me on my SUP (StandUp Paddle Board) cruising the river or riding waves in the surf, is a common occurrence. I am passionately addicted to SUP’ing. It’s a physical workout and a mindful retreat wrapped into 1 activity.

Today, the surf was terrible … so I was drawn to the river which was was calm and tranquil.

Today, like every other day on the SUP, I discovered something new about my paddle technique and my position on the board. Tiny changes in my feet and head position and my visual focus have dramatic impacts on the glide and speed of my board through the water.

Today, like every other day, I noticed my surroundings and soaked it up.

And today, unlike every other day, I realise how fortunate I am … how grateful I am to you, my friends and family.

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