Simplifying my digital habits

Posted by  GeoffBrown —February 6, 2012
Filed in Just observations, Vizual Thinking

I started thinking and drawing about the many & varied ways I store, share, create and consume media and information. So this map emerged and it has provided me with a simpler ‘way’ of doing stuff this year.


At the core of ‘creation’ is my blog – YesAndSpace

At the core of ‘sharing’ is Twitter (for rapid stuff) & Posterous (for everything I notice worth sharing)

At the core of ‘reading & sharing’ are the feeds I subscribe to via Google Reader.

At the core of ‘collaboration’ is Skype & Google Documents.

At the core of ‘storing’ is Evernote & the ‘read later’ items that I bookmark to Instapaper.

There you have it … a map of how I do stuff! Useful? It was for me 🙂

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