My wife is now blogging!

Posted by  GeoffBrown —March 6, 2011
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Given the volume of tweets that I share with the world that are about growing, harvesting, preparing and eating food, is it any surprise that we have set up a blog called Home Harvesting?

But one day … Ingrid turned to me and said something that resonated instantly in both of us … and of course I tweeted it …

This summer has produced a bountiful harvest at home. We have struggled to keep up with the fruit, vegetables and eggs we have produced. For the first time, nothing has gone to waste – we have harvested, prepared, consumed (and shared) almost everything. And now 2 weeks after that comment, Ingrid has started her own blog!

The focus of Home Harvest will be recipes, and believe me, Ingrid is a master cook and has that rare knack of being able to combine food in the right way. The recipes will focus on home garden harvests and I will throw in some stuff about how to grow the food and cultivate the right conditions in the home plot and orchard. I’m excited! We’re excited and finally all those 1-off recipes that Ingrid masterfully creates will have a home that we and everyone can enjoy.

For those that follow my writing at this blog, they will know that the term ‘Harvest’ has another meaning. Slowly but surely I am beginning to see more clearly the links between the social world of humans and the emergence and complexity of nature. More writing to follow on what I learn from growing food and apply to my practice. Geoff.

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