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Posted by  admin —February 8, 2011
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Today, my Gran is on her deathbed, and with family assembled around time seems to have slowed down a little. Fond memories of my childhood have flooded back – me and my sister spent countless weekend with her and Pa. They have remained together forever, married for 70 years and have a 1930’s-gritty-style of tenacity, courage and will to live and be together. They are Scottish through and through and their Glaswegian ways have never left them. My friend Chris Corrigan replied to an earlier tweet with some comforting words …

“there is nothing more incredible to be in the presence of someone with a tenacious will to die beautifully.”

So far, 2011 has been a year of death, illness and disaster. The tragic death of a 21 year old neighbour and the final breaths of my dear old Gran. My father’s long battle with Cancer is getting tougher by the week and another dear friend (only 18 years old) undergoes brain surgery tomorrow. Thousands of people in Australia and millions around the world have felt nature’s impact in 2011 and so many are suffering.

And just now I have arrived home to find a package from far off shores. No, it’s not an e-card or an online video, it’s New Year message that is as concrete as the keyboard under my fingers. In fact, it has a look and feel like something from Gran’s era of communication.

This is an act of love and kindness that goes beyond it’s marketing dimension. It’s just what I needed to remind me to look after myself and those close to me – and to shower them (and myself) with compliments. Thanks to Gary Hirsch and the On Your Feet team for this gift of words and wisdom …


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