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Nearly 3 years on and 350 blog posts later, I though it was time reflect on the BIG lessons – those ah-ha moments and times when writing things down changed my worldview.

Blogging is about the most important thing I do in life. The craft of writing allows me to explore emergent ideas. The reading of other people’s blogs nourishes my own learning and challenges what I believe. When other’s pick up my ideas and build on them … that’s a gift. Something that my mate Chris Corrigan calls The Gift Economy.

“An idea isn’t anything until it’s been published and offered to the world” Can’t remember who said this?

So, as I reflect on 3 years of writing, here are the posts, stories and ideas that I seem to get drawn back to again and again …


My reflections & lessons from the year 2010

The day after open Space – reflecting on a 4 day gathering

Lessons from my Teachers

Rapid reflections on facilitation

Amateur vs Professional

The SLIPs – and how we collaborate across the oceans

Getting out of the way

Reflections on 2009

Which conversation do you choose?

Unconferencing – a new standard for conferences

The Art of Invitation

Space Invaders, Holding Space and Improvisation

Collaboration & Connections

Emerging possibilities & collaboration

What’s so scary?

Clay Shirky on Collaboration

Community & Emergence

Community & the Caravan Park

Starting Somewhere – a local community story

The fun & improvisation of a music festival – the back story


Noticing the Nature of things

What will it take?

When is enough, enough?

Community Home Assessment Training Model

Complexity & all things Wicked

Great use of YouTube by Dave Snowden – a range of videos that have shaped my thinking

My introduction to Systems Thinking

Agile planning – the observations of a facilitator

Podcasts I’ve been involved in (mostly with my colleague & friend Viv McWaters) …

Participatory Evaluation of a Community Leadership Training Program – with participants from the program

Using Improv to Save the World – with Belina Raffy (Maffick Ltd) and Andy Middleton (TYF Ecosapiens)

Bushfire Recovery & Community Leadership – with Viv McWaters and Nicole Hunter

Why facilitation is necessary after a disaster – Viv and I chat with Gil Brenson-Lazan

Interview with Patti Digh from ’37 Days’ and ‘The Circle Project’

Interview with Anne Pattillo on Facilitation

How stuff spreads & changes

Big lessons from a Sustainability Behaviour Change project – a turning point in my life

A personal story about food, people and change

Behaviour Change revisited


The Improvisation of Bodhichitta

Improv when Parenting

Trying too hard- a personal story

Plan less … prepare more!

Put down your clever & pick up your ordinary

Trying too hard?!

Letting go of the plan

Space Invaders, Holding Space and Improvisation

Visual Thinking & Presentations

A visual story of the “Show Me The Change Conference”

Inside the Flashpoint Forum

Conversations lead to flow & creativity – 2010 Gurteen Knowledge Cafe with the RSA (Aust/NZ chapter) and KLMF

Seth Hierarchy of Presentations

The Space between Action Learning & Social Media – 2009 ALARA Conference

Starting somewhere – a community story

The many a varied ways to communicate a story

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