Winkipod’s first podcast for ages!

Posted by  GeoffBrown —March 19, 2010
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Finally, the guys over at Winkipod have updated their cool podcasting blog with a new offering – The Tyranny of Excellence featuring Johnnie Moore, Viv McWaters (of Winkipod) and David Robinson.

Ever felt the fear of not being good enough? Ever held yourself back from putting your ideas ‘out there’? Click the Winkipod smiley to jump across to the Winkipod blog and download and listen to this conversation!

anim_winki The Tyranny of Excellence over at Winkipod

Ok, so I am the other half of Winkipod! Well, our neglected blog named Winkipod has been rediscovered by one of it’s founders and I am happy to report lot’s of podcasts will follow this one.

Cheers, Geoff.

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