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Posted by  admin —November 13, 2009
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Thanks to Carla Rogers for inspiring me to get back to my blog!

I am currently in the USA attending the Applied Improv Network’s annual conference at Edgefield Manor in Troutdale just outside of Portland Oregan.

Edgefield Manor is the most creative, interesting and ‘happening’ conference venue I have ever seen! Apart from being comfortable the atmosphere and vibe created can all be boiled down to ‘one’ word … FUN!

The pre conference workshops are on today and I am attending a session called ‘Notice More, Change Less’. Here’s a description …

In the organisational world, there is a prevailing idea that change is difficult and stressful, and that innovation is scarce and requires effortful management to succeed. A lot of people and businesses have a huge financial and psychological investment in this worldview. And we used to as well. But after collective decades of working with people, and especially inspired by our experiences of improvisation, we’ve been wondering more and more…
What if change is easy?
Apply THIS!
What if innovation is abundant?
What if power comes from being genuinely present instead of need to control how things happen?
What if we’re the ones who need to get out of our own way?
This day will be spent exploring these questions with a series of practical and impractical exercises.
A bullet point summary of what you will learn on this day:
• We have no idea.

Now it’s lunchtime … Already I have discovered the power of ‘movement improv’ and of noticing more. I some key questions about my own facilitation style, both in terms of the things I need to stop doing and strengthen. Exciting stuff!

And finally, yesterday I put together a 2 minute video to send back from my 3 young boys to watch. They are missing dad (at least I think they are?). In the essence of Improv and having fun, here is that video for my children’s amusement …

Day 3 at Edgefield – The Spa Video for my kids from Geoff Brown on Vimeo.

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