A year of Twitering in 1 picture of words

Posted by  admin —November 30, 2009
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Anyone who knows me … knows that I use Twitter regularly.

I post photos, thoughts, observations, great links and resources. I read the same and, from those I follow, stumble upon some gems that I would never find if left to me and Google.

Here’s an interesting snapshot of the most common words I use when Twittering. Given Twitter’s boundary of 140 characters, many of these words convey the most important things in my life. Some are just meaningless words I use like ‘whilst’ and ‘week’ … many others do actually convey what is most important to me … boys, home, family, garden and of course … coffee 🙂


And if you are wondering what this has to do with anything? Well, the folks over at Wordle have a very useful online tool where you can create word-clouds from anything at all. I find this very useful when analysing workshop outputs and notes. Wordle can be a simple way of finding the ‘patterns’ in our language.

Rob Paterson has a a great post about complexity and patterns here too.



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