Missing my Blog

Posted by  admin —October 19, 2009
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I really miss my time writing here and making comments on your blog! Fortunately, I am still reading all my favourite blogs and websites on my iphone via Google Reader when I get a few moments.

But … I have realised that the big Ah!Ha moments I get from reading ‘other people’s blogs’ don’t seem to have the same impact if I don’t turn what I read/watch/hear into my own. In other words, I don’t really learn until I’ve written and reflected about it.

Tomorrow, I’ll be sanding and oiling 34 sheets of 2.4m x 12m eco-plywood for my office … that’s tomorrow and the next and the next day!

Soon this little building project will be over, with no tradespeople to organise, bills to pay and building inspectors to keep ‘onside’! I’ll also be glad to finish my jobs of painting, oiling, sanding and keeping the building site safe.

And finally, when I was away last Friday, a truck driver making a delivery made series of bizarre errors of judgment. His huge truck, which he was advised would never make it down my driveway, took out 3 mature ironbarks, countless native grasses and left 4 holes in my driveway that will need an excavator to repair! The delivery company will be covering my costs of repair and replanting.


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