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Posted by  admin —May 5, 2009
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Over at Faris’ blog here, he writes about a company that brought loads of people together and gave them something to do as a part of their branding . Watch for yourself.

Faris writes …

“The key is to produce something that both pulls people together and gives them something to do. I think this is probably the key to unlocking the awesome, and the biggest win for any kind of brand related action.
We are social creatures – I’m sure you all agree – but we need reasons to be social. I suspect this is why we have sports and religions – we need to have reasons to congregate, and something to do when we all get there.”

Let’s apply this principle to all Sustainability Projects, Conferences and Gatherings in the future. For me, the key here is that the ‘crowd’ are given the power. The crowd can contribute to the outcomes and they are not treated as ‘consumers’ or ‘spectators’ (even though the whole thing is staged an is about selling stuff).

An event like this also creates Word of Mouth (WoM) about your ‘thang’. People talk to other people about stuff that inspires them.

Open Space Technology is an approach to running workshops and conferences. When people come together in Open Space, the people/crowd/delegates create their own agenda and are responsible for their own outcomes. The participants are supported to self organise and contribute fully. An attractive and provocative theme provides the direction and reason for being there and our social instincts take over from there. It just works!

Faris Jakob can also to heard here in this Slidecast presenting about Social Media …


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