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Posted by  admin —April 12, 2009
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Hat Tip to Mark Earls over at Herd for this one …

Anyone in the ‘sustainability’ field knows the ‘Use Less’ mantra when it comes to stuff we purchase and throw away. It’s important.

Enter Christian Erickson, Chad Hancock and Greg Wurm (aka Zeus Jones). In January 2009, Zues Jones won the Minneapolis regional PhizzPop competition. As a result of winning, they moved on to the national final at SXSW in Austin to compete against the winners of the other regional competitions.

The core concept of these regional comps was: a 3-person team conceives, designs and presents a solution to a fictional brief in front of a live audience and a panel of judges. They had 3 days to prepare and 7 minutes to present. Here’s a little about there idea …

“So our idea came from the idea that instead of focusing on using less – something that is important, but well-covered by others – we should focus on doing more with the resources that we already have. And to distance it further from the traditional thinking around sustainability, we gave it a provocative name: USEMORE.” Christian Erickson, Chad Hancock and Greg Wurm

The best thing to do is watch their idea here on this Vimeo video … personally I think they are onto a great idea. It’s a way of wrapping up LETS schemes and car pooling all into a simple social media application. The sky’s the limit really.

Zeus Jones Phizzpop SXSW Finale from Zeus Jones on Vimeo.

The other thing about this story is the ‘pitch’ and the use of video to present an idea.

You can read more about these guys over at their blog here


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