Maybe I should suspend judgement more?!

Posted by  admin —April 15, 2009
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Last night I watched the very impressive Shai Agassi deliver a 20 minute presentation at TED. Garr Reynolds and Viv McWaters have already applauded Shai intheir blogs … but for me, until listening to Shai, the Electric Car has never really got me excited. So why the change in my attitude?

Shai managed to tell a story about his vision … a story so compelling it left me wanting hear more and wanting to believe. Am I convinced that he is right? Nope! Do I believe every statistic he presented? No … I am always sceptical about the ‘numbers’.

BUT, in suspending my judgement (see Viv’s post here) and out dated thinking about the electric car as 1 small solution for climate change … I allowed myself to watch Shai at TED … I allowed myself to really listen to what he had to say … I quietened my own self talk. A recent discussion with Russell Fisher (who needs his own blog so I can link to it here!) heightened my awareness about the joy of listening to others. Thankyou Russell.

Shai has approached the connected topics of ‘transport’, ‘climate change’ and ‘the electric car’ (as a solution) from a whole new place … I’ll let you watch, listen and be prepared to challenge your own assumptions.


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