The Year of Letting-Go

Posted by  admin —January 8, 2009
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As I slowly re enter the world of consulting, blogging and twittering, I find myself in a very different head space compared to a few weeks ago. What’s changed?

For one, the end of the year brings about the annual ‘reframing’ that we all try for size. Some call it a New Year’s resolution. Last year, my wife and I decided on a New Year’s theme of “do 1 less thing”. Notice that our theme is not a goal or a target like ‘run that marathon’. New Year’s goals are futile and rarely materialise.

So what’s my theme for 2009?

I posted this Tweet a day or 2 back about a surf I had …

“Just had my best ever surf. Why? Conditions were far from perfect & I even had a sore shoulder BUT I ‘let-go’ of expectations and took risks”

So there’s my theme for 2009. Yeah I know it’s a re hash of an age-old Improv principle but I’m sticking to it!

\"When on this wave, you know you are not in control\"

So how do I apply this approach of ‘letting go’ in the day2day?

As a starting point, I’m am going to work on letting-go with my kids when parenting. I am going to step back and intervene less … rely not on the typical (usually ignored) ‘verbal command’ and put more effort into non verbal methods like ‘holding space‘.

And … when I next surf I’ll ‘let-go’ of that fear I have always had of hitting the bottom.

Stay tuned for more posts on this in 2009.

How have you applied ‘letting go’ in your practice, life or whatever? Please comment.



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