A great presentation – use visuals!

Posted by  admin —November 30, 2008
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I have been ranting about the use of visual images to support a story, key messages or to communicate your ‘thing’ to others. Here is a 4 minute presentation by Andy Hobsbawm that has a number of great features:

  1. Great use of visual images to support his story – notice his slides contain no words (they don’t need to!)
  2. His presentation has 1 core premise and everything hangs if it … the use of creative stuff is needed to inspire people to act in certain ways
  3. He also uses a short video to reinforce his idea (that he sells very well)
  4. The presentation is short, sharp and snappy … not 1 wasted word in the whole thing
  5. Andy mixes the ‘serious’ with the funny, the unexpected and the credible

In this video, Andy Hobsbawm shares a fresh ad campaign about going green — and some of the fringe benefits. Andy is the European chair of Agency.com and the founder of the website Green Thing.

Here’s to creative pursuits!


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