Using my right Brain

Posted by  admin —August 6, 2008
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After reading Dan Pink’s A Whole New Mind, I am inspired to develop my right brain … my creative potential … explore the possibilities … do things differently. 

As a facilitator, I am encouraging workshop folk to do the same. As Dan suggests, a 5 line Self Portrait can reveal much about how you are feeling in the moment. Participants in my workshops have been subjected to the 5 line self portrait as a way of introducing themselves to others. Here my 5 line self-portrait that represents how I was feeling about an hour ago.


A participant yesterday drew something like this to introduce her “thinking out of the box” mindset to the workshop …

So far … only 1 person (out of 200) has refused to do their self portrait … the activity creates surprise and a sense of fun … it is also a great warm up to future “drawing tasks” that I bring to the workshop space.

Thanks to Dan Roam I also have new activities where workshop participants draw pictures to find solutions to problems.


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