Picturing Excess

Posted by  admin —June 22, 2008
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Thanks to my sister (Janette Derrick), I discovered the remarkable artistic work of Chris Jordon. I regularly use Chris’ provacative images when facilitating behaviour change workshops. I use these visual images to tap into participant’s emotions and to shine a light on the ludicrous excesses of our modern lifestyle. 

Note: It is also important to shift the conversation away from the problem once the images have been presented. I use an approach called Solutions Focus and switch from problems to the benefits (as if the problems were solved) … then future perfect (the ideal future scenario) … then small steps/actions (to move us closer to the ideal).

Now Chris Jordon has shown up at TEDtalks. TED is all about ideas worth speading. In this brilliant presentation here, Chris tells a very personal story about him and his art … his message relates to every single one of us, individually and collectively. Enjoy … 

My Reflection

Chris blends a story with visual images. We know from cognitive research that “Vision trumps all other senses” (Dr John Mendina in Brain Rules) … AND … we know that when story is combined with pictures the emotional centres of our brain switch on which enhances learning. Here’s a taste of Dr Mendina

Finally … here is a slideshare summary of Chris’ images & quotes from TED that I use in ‘Sustainabilty’ behaviour change programs.


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