What SPACE are you in right now?

Posted by  admin —April 8, 2008
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What interests me is the SPACE that you’re in right now … the SPACE you stumble upon tomorrow … future SPACES that we co-create to build relationships between people and to bring about change. 

I’ll be exploring all sorts of spaces (both physical and metaphorical) on this Yes!And Journey. When I look back at the key turning points in my life … when transformative change happened … the SPACE I was in always played a lead role.

As a dinner date with Vic McWaters and Dave Pollard draws closer, let me share some of my favorite spaces with you. These are spaces that “nourish” me and allow me to clear my mind. In these places I am not concerned about the past or the future … I am mindful only of the present moment. 

The Vege Garden – The best place to “notice” what is really going on!

The Deck with my guitar – to let go and clear the mind

The Bloggoshpere – to learn, share and co-create


This space to be continued … Geoff



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