What is Leadership for Systems Change?

In a nutshell, Leadership for Systems Change is designed to help leaders to discover new ways of thinking, seeing, and acting. We guide participants through a highly engaging series of sessions that provide a foundation for leading in complex and uncertain times.

We had the privilege of delivering Leadership for Systems Change, entirely online, with hundred’s of leaders over the past 3 years. The feedback has been overwhelming and our intention in 2023 is to offer tailored and flexible versions of the course with organisations, communities and government agencies.

Why this course?

In this immersive course, you will improve your performance and confidence as a leader. You will learn how to develop emergent strategies and take action in situations where the path forward is unclear. Each session will equip you with practical tools and processes that can be applied to your work challenges the next day.

You can expect to:

  • Tackle gnarly problems and make progress on a real-life work challenge that you bring to the course
  • Re-imagine leadership and cultivate new habits-of-mind
  • Learn to notice more and make better sense of your situation
  • Work with stories to evaluate system-change initiatives and make better decisions
  • Make your system-change efforts more adaptive and resilient

Praise for Leadership for Systems Change

From our most recent delivery of the course, we heard this from participating leaders:

“I had never heard about some of the tools in this course before. They provided some inspiration, and I like having a tool kit to go to that supports me in my work as well as thinking differently”

“Enormous value with some of these tools and the well thought out process and execution”

“I have learned to look after myself by building a habit of pausing”

“Thankyou both, for outstanding facilitation and for sharing your extensive experience. Thank you putting together such a comprehensive range of resources, and for contributing to our growth and capacity to improve our organisations and communities.”

Course creators and facilitators

As consultants, Geoff and Chad have helped many leadership teams to address the underlying causes of complex social and environmental problems. Geoff and Chad are sharing their learnings and tools to help you get a better handle on complexity, make better decisions and grow as a leader.

This course brings together years of applying theory and practice practice from fields as diverse as: Participatory leadership; Psychology; Neuroscience; Improvisational Theatre; Systems Thinking & Complexity Science; Deliberative democracy practices

ENQUIRE ABOUT LEADERSHIP FOR SYSTEMS CHANGE HERE  Or contact Geoff Brown directly on +61 403 763 660.