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Graphic Harvest – from chat to dialogue

Last week I was part of a learning conversation with practitioners, policy makers and researchers, all interested in diving deep into the complexity of behaviour change. We started by helping each other out with current problems, challenges and questions about our work – this was highly practical stuff and focused mainly on principles and practices. At the end of the conversation we created a map of the group’s current thinking about behaviour change in practice. I felt we were able to go beyond ‘talking’ and enter the realm if Dialogue … we were thinking together. Here’s the map I drew …

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Ira Glass on Storytelling

Posted by  GeoffBrown —February 27, 2012
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This is a great reminder for anyone doing anything. Ira talks about storytelling, but “hanging in there with “perseverance”  & “doing the volume of work/practice” is sound advice for all of us! HT to the DoLectures Email Newsletter for pointing this one out!

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Simplifying my digital habits

Posted by  GeoffBrown —February 6, 2012
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I started thinking and drawing about the many & varied ways I store, share, create and consume media and information. So this map emerged and it has provided me with a simpler ‘way’ of doing stuff this year. At the core of ‘creation’ is my blog – YesAndSpace At the core of ‘sharing’ is Twitter (for rapid stuff) & Posterous (for everything I notice worth sharing) At the core of ‘reading & sharing’ are the feeds I subscribe to via Google Reader. At the core of ‘collaboration’ is Skype & Google Documents. At the core of ‘storing’ is Evernote & …

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What are you a student of right now?

Posted by  GeoffBrown —July 29, 2011
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Here are some words that came to me when doodling on my iPad – playing with the Adobe Ideas App. Some fields and practices that I am a student of … What words would add to this image?

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Yes! Its a tangled mess

Posted by  GeoffBrown —June 27, 2011
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Big HT to Andrew Rixon for noticing this Leunig Cartoon in the weekend Age … Andrew suggested that Leunig really understands complexity theory – I agree! This metaphoric-tangle that Leunig uses is so true of life and most of what we do. So why are we still trying to control and manage this tangled web with rules? Luenig knows that there are no ‘rules’ for getting through this mess. Instead, he has captured some ‘principles’ in this cartoon … principles that might just help change our mindset. There are probably some other principles too but there is no rule book …

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