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Space 2.0

Posted by  admin —June 15, 2008
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A client of mine just sent me an email and wrote … “Some of the research on the history of Bell Post Hill seems to show how important the local churches were for meeting up with people and discussing community issues – we’ve kind of lost that ‘3rd place’ between work and home to catch up with our neighbours I suppose.” Without thinking too much I replied … “Maybe we have lost some of those “spaces” … and maybe that’s the space that Web 2.0 is re creating, in an  artificial and somehow very real kind of way!? At the …

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A SIMPLY great space

Posted by  admin —May 17, 2008
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This little piece of artwork caught my eye today from the beer garden at Hotel Brunswick (in Brunswick Heads, northern New South Wales).   At a glance, the bust of the singer appears to be suspended against a blue sky backdrop. Below him is an outdoor stage where weekly gigs are held.  Stripped Back and Simple …  Hotel Brunswick has recently been refurbished. The final result is a space that makes me want to return again tomorrow. I have already “remarked” to many about our experience … I suppose this makes the space “remarkable”. During our second visit I noticed …

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Space Invaders, Holding Space and Improvisation

Posted by  admin —April 28, 2008
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Today is Sunday and I was involved in a community engagement event with a government department and a community adjoining a newly announced National Park. The draft plan was the focus and topic and conversation. Learning #1 – The surf was pumping … the surf is always going-off when I accept weekend jobs! Note to self … say no to weekend work in future 🙂 I was involved in 3 of these Community Engagement events which were wonderfully orchestrated by Carla Rogers using her version of the Open House (aka iForum) event. I was in the wonderful position of being …

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A story about open space & a local music festival

Posted by  admin —April 14, 2008
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Once upon a time … I was asked to help stage a local music festival called the Aireys Inlet Open Mic Music Festival. Marty Maher (a local businessman who really knows how to contribute to community) asked me to get involved … I love music festivals and I could not refuse! Marty said the essence of this festival is simple … It’s all about the music. Marty did most of the grunt work behind the scenes and I had the pleasure of performing with long time friend (David Jurianz). I donated my PA system and my time as MC for the …

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What SPACE are you in right now?

Posted by  admin —April 8, 2008
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What interests me is the SPACE that you’re in right now … the SPACE you stumble upon tomorrow … future SPACES that we co-create to build relationships between people and to bring about change.  I’ll be exploring all sorts of spaces (both physical and metaphorical) on this Yes!And Journey. When I look back at the key turning points in my life … when transformative change happened … the SPACE I was in always played a lead role. As a dinner date with Vic McWaters and Dave Pollard draws closer, let me share some of my favorite spaces with you. These are …

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