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A Whole Minded Performance Story Report

A report that I proudly co-authored is now available! It tells a story about a project called Castlemaine 500 (which I also helped to orchestrate) … it’s successes, failures and the lessons learned. It is also an example of how an evaluation report can come alive with design, cartoons and stories! The Castlemaine 500 Performance Story Report was recently launched. You can watch interviews with participating households here. The best summary of the project is contained in the report though! If you want a hard copy of the report booklet email me. If you want to download it click here. …

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a personal story about food, people and change

Posted by  admin —July 16, 2009
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For our family it appears that the monthly food budget is the biggest slice of the household expenses pie. With myself, Ingrid and 3 growing boys that’s probably no surprise to anyone! Now here’s the bit that surprised us … It appears that a humble little Nursery-come-Organic Grocer tops our list and the story of how we have shifted our vote (aka the $$ we spend) over the past 18 months is interesting … interesting enough to make us feel great and for me to decide to write about it here. Spend more, shop local & feel great Once upon …

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Clay Shirky on Collaboration

Posted by  admin —June 28, 2009
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I am on a Melbourne bound train and just watched another TED presentation – seems to be my favorite commuter activity these days 🙂 In this TEDcast, Clay Shirky (author of Here Comes Everybody) reinforces my belief that we are living through a revolution in the way people interact and collaborate with each other. I’d love to hear what Clay has to say about the impact that Twitterers within Iran are having right now. Like in his original TED talk, new social media is changing the media landscape and giving the man/woman/child on the street a voice to the world …

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Twitter unpacked by Commoncraft

Posted by  admin —June 16, 2009
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This post is for all those people who have heard me talk about the benefits of Twitter lately. Lee and Sachi at Commoncraft have created another great video that captures the potential ‘power’ of Twitter to bring people together around topics that they are passionate about. When you make it easier for people to connect and communicate … great things can happen. Enjoy! And here’s a few interesting articles about Twitter … and yes, I picked these up directly from Twitter: Tweet Dreams are made of this How Twitter, CellPhones and Facebook can make history – TED Video of Clay …

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Stories that are ‘Built to Last’

Garr Reynold over at Presentation Zen spotted this video called ‘Built to Last‘. “This 3-minute video presentation called Built to Last won first prize in The Congress for the New Urbanism video contest a few weeks ago. The rules for the contest were simple: “Create a 3-minute maximum video that illustrates how the principles of New Urbanism – density, design and walkability – can effectively respond to current environmental challenges that we face.” Watch the video.” Garr Reynolds. Here is another great example of creative communication. Built to Last combines a great mix of music, large/bold text, images and story …

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