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Carbon Calculator meets Social Networking

Posted by  admin —June 4, 2008
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Thanks to Matt Moore’s blog discovered a Web 2.0 Social Networking/Travel service called Dopplr. When you plug in your trips (car, air etc …) it has a cool Carbon Calculator that allows you to keep track of CO2 emissions. Given the social networking aspect of Dopplr, this could be a very useful tool to quickly calculate the CO2 emissions of many travellers. Many conferences now are trying to go Carbon Neutral. If all delegates did the Dopplr thing as a part of their registration process, the possibilities include: 1. A convenient way of linking up delegates who are travelling from …

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The best from my blogroll

If you’re wondering who are these people listed on my Blogroll … here’s a snapshot of great posts from some of the Yes!AndThinkers: Viv McWaters and Anne Pattillo launch the Facilitating with Confidence website – Viv has been my teacher and mentor for 5 years now. Anyone wanting to learn about facilitation and themselves … do this course! Johnnie Moore and Robert Paterson have a great podcasting site known as The Phoric – In episode 8 they interview Chris Corrigan and explore living systems. In YouTube Video #2 the traffic is just remarkable to watch!    Mark Earls puts me onto my …

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The Mug Project and Web 2.0 in Social Change

Posted by  admin —April 20, 2008
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I’ve been waiting for something quite “different” before making my first “sustainability” post and thanks to Les Robinson I have a simple sustainability idea to share with you. “The Mug Project ® is a community of individuals and organizations that advocate the use of mugs to reduce waste caused by single serve beverage containers.” Pretty simple and I like their promo video! It’s simple, funny and transferable to other sustainability issues (eg. Les suggested a Re usable bag version). If our sustainability ‘change’ projects are going to engage the “online” world, we need more creative stuff like this. Let’s call this another little ‘random …

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From Little Things … BIG things grow

Posted by  admin —April 19, 2008
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I just watched a channel 10 news story on the Rudd Labour government 2020 Summit. 1000 people have been invited to have a 2 day conversation on 10 key policy areas (NOTE: all areas are ‘complex’ like climate change). Great initiative AND government should be doing more of this stuff! Apparently, each of the 10 groups need to present 1 BIG IDEA by the end of tomorrow. That 1 big idea-thing AND the complex nature of each group topic made me think … “I hope they consider implementing lots of the little ideas too!” Why … ** I listened to this podcast with Johnnie Moore, …

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What works?

Posted by  admin —April 11, 2008
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Week 1 reflections Dinner with Dave Pollard and Viv McWaters was a highlight and I have captured parts of our conversations here. I just noticed that Dave too has “distilled” some of his conversations in Melbourne this week in this What works & What Doesn’t post. Dave has started to compile a list of questions that were repeated across his many and diverse conversations. His first question almost defines the purpose on this blog. Q1. “What works and what doesn’t [i.e. what are the enablers and preconditions for success in bringing about organizational change: changes in environmental sustainability, social responsibility, innovation, adaptation, …

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