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More to YouTube than meets the eye

Posted by  admin —August 4, 2008
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I often find myself showing people (and groups) stuff on YouTube. Why? Much of what I watch is fun and incredibly refreshing … not to mention all the learning that comes from watching the wares of this global, social-media experiment. 29 YouTube videos feature in my facilitation toolkit and help me to help groups better understand themselves. YouTube (and other sites like TED) is the reason I will not bother to replace my TV when it implodes. This live presentation (hat tip to Johnnie Moore) is a great 2008 snapshot of YouTube. Enjoy. (For those with less than 50 minutes and …

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Spreading Solutions with video and art

Posted by  admin —July 11, 2008
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In a recent post I explored applications for the visual art of Chris Jordon in enabling change. Today (hat tip to Brendan McKeague) I discovered the Paul Lussier Company. Their mission is similar to Chris’ and my own in seeking solutions to the climate change challenge. One of his projects is the creation of an online film called Blessed Unrest. Watch this! BLESSED UNREST: THE FILM is created entirely on the film’s website. The site enables users to partake in collaborative editing in micro-communities devoted to certain themes set up by our directorial and editorial team. With the full resolution source tagging …

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How stuff spreads … and changes?

Posted by  admin —July 4, 2008
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This is a post for all the “sustainability” project managers and change-agents out there. [I have created this “How Stuff Spreads” to build on the thoughts of Mark Earls who has a blog category of the same name.] Seth Godin just posted Who vs. How Many? … it is about a story of a 14 year old kid who has attracted 45 million YouTube hits and Seth says: “How many is not nearly as valuable as “who”, why not put that into practice?” and … “Just because something is easy to measure doesn’t mean it’s important.” This story is all about …

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Today is World Environment Day

I am on a roll with posts that focus on solutions (all-be-them small ones) to sustainability issues like climate change and getting change to “grip” out there is the broader community. Communicating visually through right-brained techniques such as cartoons is one way to get messages across to an increasingly distracted audience. We used cartoons to help cut through the ‘climate change noise’ in the media throughout the Castlemaine 500 Project (owned by the Central Victorian Greenhouse Alliance) From my favorite cartoonist … Simon Kneebone lives near Adelaide in South Australia. Simon created these cartoons for Castlemaine 500. They focus on the linking …

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Do the Green Thing!

Posted by  admin —June 5, 2008
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I have been subscribed to “Do the Green Thing” for 6 months now. Every so often they feature some home-grown videos about people doing the green thing. Every so often they focus on solutions (as opposed to the problems). Videos like these are an exceptional resource for sustainability educators at schools and in community projects. They also have a Blog here. I will post the better videos as they come through … stay tuned. Here are 2 of my favorites: Oliver Heath on the power of recycling Want to get Teenagers to take shorter showers?! Impossible you say! This short …

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