Plan-less & Prepare-more

Posted by  admin —April 27, 2009
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Last year I wrote this blog post about other people … who I observed to be ‘Too Busy to be Creative’ and I drew this little graphic … Well, I’ve fallen victim to the same disease of late. Even though I haven’t been busy facilitating, my time for creative stuff feels like it has compressed … it’s a stretch to fire up the tablet and draw something and I’m giving no time to reading my favorite blogs and great books on my shelf?! What to do? What to do?! Here’s where I’m going to start today … Plan-less … in …

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What goes around comes around

Posted by  admin —April 17, 2009
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My last blog post *Seth’s Hierarchy of Presentations* has created heaps of ‘movement’ across many of my social spaces including Twitter, Facebook, Slideshare and this Blog. One comment from The Best of Fundraising Blog lead me to their previous post titled ‘Why I’m Smiling & Moving’. As fate has it, this post is all about giving and receiving … if you put stuff out there for people to use, they build on it and you get something back. There’s a lot of love out there in the online, social world (despite what we hear about the negative web-based predatory stuff …

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Seth’s Hierarchy of Presentations

Posted by  admin —April 16, 2009
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Seth Godin just wrote this blog post called the Hierarchy of Presentations I like the plain language Seth uses so I turned his post into a slideshow. Geoff. Seth Godin’s Presentation Hierarchy View more presentations from Geoff Brown.

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Maybe I should suspend judgement more?!

Posted by  admin —April 15, 2009
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Last night I watched the very impressive Shai Agassi deliver a 20 minute presentation at TED. Garr Reynolds and Viv McWaters have already applauded Shai intheir blogs … but for me, until listening to Shai, the Electric Car has never really got me excited. So why the change in my attitude? Shai managed to tell a story about his vision … a story so compelling it left me wanting hear more and wanting to believe. Am I convinced that he is right? Nope! Do I believe every statistic he presented? No … I am always sceptical about the ‘numbers’. BUT, …

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Use More!?

Posted by  admin —April 12, 2009
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Hat Tip to Mark Earls over at Herd for this one … Anyone in the ‘sustainability’ field knows the ‘Use Less’ mantra when it comes to stuff we purchase and throw away. It’s important. Enter Christian Erickson, Chad Hancock and Greg Wurm (aka Zeus Jones). In January 2009, Zues Jones won the Minneapolis regional PhizzPop competition. As a result of winning, they moved on to the national final at SXSW in Austin to compete against the winners of the other regional competitions. The core concept of these regional comps was: a 3-person team conceives, designs and presents a solution to …

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