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Ending 2010 with an inspired harvest

Posted by  GeoffBrown —December 23, 2010
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One word that sums up 2010 for me is … This year I have designed and delivered training and events with talented and gifted people like  Chris Corrigan, Johnnie Moore, Viv McWaters and Anne Pattillo – and collectively we are known as ‘The Slips’ (see Simon Kneebone’s cartoon of us below). And others including Euan Semple and David Gurteen. I have learned so much from each of these people, both in working alongside them and reading their blogs. Bring on more of this in 2011. Another significant word I associate with 2010 is … I harvested beautiful fruit and veg from my home garden this year …

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Posted by  GeoffBrown —December 16, 2010
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I am gussing that when my 5 year old son watches this (with his mouth open wide) will say something like … “Dad, I wanna do that!” Wonder how many broken bones and scratches a person endures before these kinds of feats are achievable? HT to Euan Semple for this one.

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Body Integration

Posted by  GeoffBrown —December 13, 2010
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I am a bit slow off the mark with this year’s Reverb – Reflect on this year and manifest what’s next! Reverb is a daily blog post based on an offer from the folks at Reverb. Here is today’s challenge … ‘December 12 – Body Integration This year, when did you feel the most integrated with your body? Did you have a moment where there wasn’t mind and body, but simply a cohesive YOU, alive and present? (Author: Patrick Reynolds)” That moment came for me on Day 4 of a facilitation gig I did in Sydney with the folks from …

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The Third Side

Posted by  GeoffBrown —December 1, 2010
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William Ury offers an elegant way of looking at world peace and the role we can all play. He offers both tangible stories of ‘how’ it is being done … and a model to support it. He calls it the 3rd Side and it’s also the role of the facilitator – known in some circles as the 3rd Communication Position. The 3rd side, in the context of war, is us … all of us. As the 1st and 2nd side argue, disagree and battle with each other with a loss of perspective, ‘we’ on the 3rd side surround them and …

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The day after Open Space

Posted by  GeoffBrown —November 22, 2010
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If you have my previous posts, you will be aware that I spent time working with the folks from Australia’s contemporary Circus and Physical Theatre sector. The event was called the Flashpoint Forum and was hosted by the sector’s peak body ACAPTA. When the 2 days of Open Space was over on the Friday, everyone (26 plus a few others) came back together on Saturday. I’ll admit to feeling nervous about this day. I was asking myself questions like … “why don’t we simply continue Open Space for another day?”. Here’s a story the group created, performed and recorded in just …

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