Geoff Brown
I hope to leave behind something of value,
stories that tell what we did together to create change
and bring about something new.

Geoff Brown has been consulting for over 15 years. He designs participatory processes and facilitates strategic conversations that help groups to find their purpose and direction. Geoff is motivated by the belief that these types of conversations unlock the genius of groups to collaborate and make better decisions.

When people come together to get things done, or simply make sense of where they are at, Geoff is best known for his ability to ignite the creative energy of groups to innovate and solve problems.

Geoff’s work brings together leaders of organisations, government agencies and communities to tackle complex problems. His experience and networks across a diverse range of environmental and health portfolio areas provides Geoff with a deep understanding of the policy, practice and the science. His areas of speciality include integrated water management, biodiversity, climate change, fire and emergency services , land use planning, population health and chronic disease prevention.

Geoff has become widely recognised for his transformational work with stakeholder alliances whose purpose is to change systems and have a positive impact on the health of people and the planet. He loves to energise these collective efforts and create experiences that provoke new ways of seeing, thinking and acting.

Most of my client work falls under three, broad categories. Read more about my service offerings here.


  • Strategic planning workshops
  • Design Sprints
  • Participatory group processes



  • Engagement designation any scale
  • Tailored participatory approaches
  • Engagement capacity building



  • Leadership training
  • Team building workshops
  • Learn to get a handle on complexity


The age of COVID-19 has re-shaped the way we gather and the way we collaborate. I’ve learnt from colleagues and clients by jumping in and learning fast. As a facilitator, I am highly skilled in the use of a wide range of online platforms that support group conversations, idea generation and participatory decision making. Together with my colleagues, we are adept at blending the online and in-person conversations.

At my blog you will discover resources and my own writing and reflections on work and the world. Click the headlines to read recent posts and this link to goto the blog.