What I Do

I am passionate about helping people to create a better future. My practice is in the design of group processes that support dialogue – where groups of people can think-together and where conversations deepen. I am fuelled by the belief that stronger relationships are the foundation for the types of collaboration needed to progress our most complex challenges. 

“Most social change initiates or is shaped by a single traceable conversation.” Margaret Wheatley (2002) 


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My Core Practice

Most of the big challenges facing organisations and communities are complex and interconnected – in response we need to work and play together more effectively. I have a reputation for supporting diverse groups of stakeholders to progress their most complex challenges. With clients I help to co-design processes for individual events and whole programs of work that evolve over time.


Who I work with

I work within and across multiple sectors including sustainability, population health, integrated water management, energy systems, food security and natural resource management. I work with individuals, community groups and organisations from the public, private and community-based sectors.