What I Do

I run a consultancy called Tangent Consulting. I am passionate about helping people to co-creating a better future – where people, organisations, communities and the environment thrive. My optimism is fueled by a belief that conversations between people are a breeding ground for reflection, learning and innovation. As dialogue deepens, relationships strengthen and the possibilty for collaboration and collective action emerges.

“Most social change initiates or is shaped by a single traceable conversation.” Margaret Wheatley (2002) 


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My Core Practice

With over 20 years of group-work experience I design group processes and facilitate the conversations between people that are needed to build stronger relationships, discover new ways of seeing the world and decide on actions that make a lasting difference.

Most of the big issues facing organisations and communities are complex and interconnected – in response we need to work and play together more effectively. I have a reputation for supporting groups of people to progress their most complex challenges. My ability to work in-the-moment and attend to group dynamics brings the flexibility needed as new priorities emerge.

Applying Core Practice

Process design and facilitation have many applications in the world. Over the years, five broad arenas of work have emerged. In reality, these arenas of work are highly connected.

1. Small to large-scale gatherings – workshops, meetings, conferences & think-tanks

2. Community and stakeholder engagement – design & event facilitation

3. Facilitation training – tailored to suit individual needs

4. Change programs for sustainability – project design & evaluation

5. Community leadership programs – design, facilitation & evaluation

Dialogue Interview

Who I work with

I work within and across multiple sectors including sustainability, population health, integrated water management, energy systems, food security and natural resource management. I work with individuals, community groups and organisations from the public, private and community-based sectors.